Yoga Doesn't Have Any Rules... or Does it?

Depending on what style of yoga you’re wanting to practice, in general, the “rule’s” are pretty flexible (pun intended). While some styles can be pretty strict, for most beginners, we recommend you listening to your body first and foremost, and just doing what you can without trying to force anything. With that being said, there is some basic etiquette that is worth noting for people attending their first yoga experience with the Grow Mobile Yoga crew. We’ve made a quick list of a few do’s and don’ts below, but feel free to take what you want and leave the rest!

Be Early

Showing up 10-15 minutes before your class begins is what the majority of our students tend to do. This gives you enough time to get into class, kick off the socks, shoes, jacket, and (gasp) turn off the phone. With us or at a yoga studio, there will be some sort of check in process. This often involves a bit of paperwork if you're new to our program or to a studio. You also want to give yourself a enough time to lay out your mat, get your props together, and hopefully take a breath or two before class begins. Additionally, your teacher would love to meet you and learn you name as well as any injuries that they should be aware of. What should you do if you end up being late by powers outside of your control? Check at the front desk for the best way to handle it. Most teachers want you to be on your mat by the time class starts because the beginning often allows the teacher to introduce themselves as well as explain what you might expect from the class. Some teachers don’t mind if you slip in quietly, but generally it’s not something we recommend. Some studios and teachers believe that students showing up late is a distraction to the other students, and will lock the doors before class begins. To sum it up, be on time, it’s better for everybody, including you!

Turn off The Gadgets

Phones, watches, iPads—anything that makes any noise at all should be turned off. Leave anything that makes a peep but doesn't breathe outside of the studio. That even means your collection of 7 awesome bracelets that jingle each time you go through a flow. The goal is to create a space that is as distraction free as possible, for both ourselves and others, to be able to focus solely on the instructor and our breath.

Be Mindful of the Space

Though most teachers often move around the room doing demonstrations in various spots, it’s common courtesy to stagger yourself so that the yogis behind you can see the teacher too. It’s also a good idea to make sure your pile of props and water bottle leaves room for your neighbor to move freely. If you’re bringing a water container, please make sure it has a lid that you can properly close, every teacher has definitely kicked over a water bottle here and there while walking about and giving adjustments.

Avoid Talking

Yoga is a prime gathering space for people. In fact, that’s part of the wonderful experience of a yoga class, but it’s best to keep the chatting in the lobby before or after class. Once you enter the yoga room, it’s time to get quiet. For many people this can be their only time to be silent and meditate, so we always want to be mindful of that and give them a quiet space.

To Ask a Question or Not to Ask a Question

Is it okay to ask the instructor a question while class is in session? It totally depends on the teacher. Some encourage questions and dialogue with their students, and some prefer none. If you notice that the teacher is normally the only one speaking, respect the space and keep it for after class. If you have a question that really needs answering, by all means ask it, but do so when your instructor is close by you or after class. Once you talk to your instructor after class, you can also see how they prefer in class questions to be handled.

Leave it Better Than You Found It

Usually our instructors or studios have spray bottles available to clean off the mats. Give them a spray and wipe the mat down after your practice. Put any props you borrowed neatly back where you found them and fold the blankets. Additionally, if you notice sweat puddles around your mat, take the two seconds to wipe up your area! These little gestures saves lots of time for the instructors and shows gratitude in action.