Breaking Down Yoga Misconceptions

The research is in, and it’s fairly well accepted that yoga is good for you… not just for the physical body, but from a mental aspect as well.  So why then, is it so hard for people to start yoga? We have a few theories, and we’re here to break down the facts to help get you on your path today.

Look- we get it! We’ve all had the bad experience where we once attempted to go to yoga and everything seemed to go wrong; you got lost on the way, you had to pay for parking, your friend bailed out, or you unknowingly showed up at a hot yoga class (gulp!). That’s where Grow Mobile Yoga comes in. We aim to bring yoga to you so that you can have a familiar atmosphere, so you can be more comfortable, surrounded by your coworkers or peers. Here are some common misconceptions:

  • Misconception #1- It’s awkward and/embarrassing: When you first learned how to walk, it was probably a little awkward and embarrassing…. Did you stop walking? Nope. When you first learned how to ride a bike it was also probably a bit awkward and embarrassing, but we’re guessing you persisted. Of course yoga can be a bit uncomfortable, but overall the benefits greatly outweigh those first few feelings of being uncomfortable.  Grow Mobile Yoga aims to setup classes and workshops that you are able to be comfortable in, either at your office, or residence. Everyone has to start their journey somewhere, but with Mobile Yoga, you get to choose where that is.

  • Misconception #2- I’m not flexible enough: We at Grow Mobile Yoga know that yoga is accessible to every body, no matter how stiff you may think you are. If anything, someone who is inflexible, needs yoga more than the average person. Almost every person could come up with a complaint of one thing or another that their body can’t do, but using this is just another excuse to stay in the fear and not move towards change. With a regular practice, you will be surprised at some of the results you will see.

  • Misconception #3- I’m out of shape: **Refer to Misconception #2. Once again, yoga is a way to start on your journey to health. Part of the practice is looking at what stops us from doing things that we want to do. By removing a few normal aspects that you might encounter at a yoga studio, Grow helps you take baby steps to getting started at yoga.

  • Misconception #4- Only hippies do yoga: Have you dreaded having someone saying Namaste to you and you really don’t want to say it back? No problem, you totally don’t have to say Namaste! You don’t have to “Ohm” or honestly do anything that you don’t want to, nor will your yoga teacher’s feelings be hurt if you choose to refrain.  But... once you start drinking the kool-aid, you might just hear yourself repeating Namaste right back to your teacher. In all seriousness, there is such a vast variety of yoga! Grow Mobile Yoga has a network of teachers that all have different styles of teaching, we aim to help you and your company find the perfect match.

  • Misconception #5- It’s for girls: Honestly this misconception is just so outdated it’s laughable! All you have to do is a quick google search to find out that some of the most impressive male role models in our culture practice yoga. The Seattle Seahawks, David Beckham, and Lebron James just to drop a few names, all praise the benefits of their yoga practice. Making shapes with your body can be out of your comfort zone at first, but if you push past that, your body will thank you and you might just start to leg go of your old ideas and judgement’s.

  • Misconception #6- It’s not fun to go by yourself: The beauty of yoga is that by attending a class, you’re not actually alone. It can be very powerful to practice alongside members of your community, even if you don’t know them yet. All being in the same boat, pushing yourself, and working hard can bring a type of electrifying energy to your practice that you can’t get at home by yourself watching YouTube.

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