Does having an injury or pain mean I shouldn't come to yoga?

In our search to figure out what is stopping people from starting yoga, one of the biggest reasons we’ve come across is the fear that  having an injury or pain somewhere, means that you can’t come to yoga. This is often the farthest thing from the truth. Unless you have a broken leg that’s in a cast (and even then, we could still find a way to move the upper body and meditate…), your injury or ailment might actually improve with yoga. After consulting your doctor to make sure, we recommend stepping on to the mat, even if you have weak wrists, pain in a knee or hip, or whatever your reason might be.

Most of us are not doctors or scientists here at Grow Mobile Yoga, but we do know that a lot of injury stems from simply not moving enough. Therefore, the medicine to getting over that injury or pain, might just be movement. To begin, sign up for a private session, one of our beginner classes, or a beginner’s workshop. Our teachers can tailor a private session to your needs, or to show you the best ways to modify certain poses, or adjust accordingly. Either way, talk to your yoga instructor beforehand. We want to know about injuries so that we can watch and help and give adjustments to each student personally. For a lot of poses, you can also use blocks, straps or bolsters (fancy name for a yoga pillow) to further assist.

Yoga asks us to check in with the body, as we start to move more and more we can find the difference between pain and discomfort and start to associate what the body is actually capable of, instead of just what the mind is afraid of.

Is Yoga Good for Injuries