Local Yoga Studios We Love: Expand Hot Yoga in Tacoma, WA

What You Need to Know:

Expand Yoga is a hot yoga studio located in the heart of Tacoma’s central district on 6th Ave right off Proctor. They offer an impressive 38 yoga classes per week (we counted, twice!), so whether you’re an early riser (6:00 am!) or a night owl (9:00 pm!) there is a class time for you. They offer mainly two types of yoga, Hot Vinyasa, and Original Hot and both classes are bound to wring out even the most experienced yogi. Expand has a team of awesome teachers and they rotate around so you get different flavors no matter what class you go to. In Hot Vinyasa you can expect to flow a lot with fun sequencing combinations in between. Original Hot is a slow and concise practice facing the mirrors with the heat turned up a bit more as you’ll be holding the same 26 postures in every class. Additionally on the weekend they offer one Yin class at noon on Saturday, and on Sunday evening at 7:30pm an unheated Vinyasa class with live music to create the perfect reset for the coming week. Expand has two restrooms, two showers, and two changing stalls to use, as well as mats and towels that you can rent. We recommend bringing a water bottle and towel, you will need it!

Why We Love Expand Yoga:

You can always expect a great sweat from Expand’s classes. We love that the owners, Liz and Matt, can often be found teaching or hanging out at the studio connecting with the yogis in their community, chatting and checking people in. Expand has done a fabulous job streamlining your yoga experience, right down to the little check in chip that makes one feel oh-so-cool. Most yoga students use the large amount of classes offered to their advantage and drop in when the timing works best for their schedules. In the Original Hot class you can really track your progress and focus on improving each of the 26 postures as you return to them again and again. In most Vinyasa classes we love that while every teacher has their own individual style (often with great playlists!), you get a little more freedom of movement while you flow from one pose to the next.  With the convenient location, this is a fabulous studio for anyone in the greater Tacoma area who wants to dive into their Hot Yoga practice. Once you’ve started on your yoga journey, we recommend checking them out!

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