Taking time out of your day for a short yoga session does multiple things:

1. It stretches out muscles that are tight from being seated all day.

Biologically we are not meant to be sitting still at a desk and chair for 8+ hours. More and more people are looking into things like standing desks, which is a fabulous start, but we strongly suggest moving also. Back pain is so common these days that most of us don’t even think twice about it, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Yoga has been proven to help relieve chronic low back pain, as reported by a study done by Boston University. 

2. It has been shown to calm the mind and nervous system.

Taking time to focus on your breath using different breathing exercises or breath to movement processes taught in yoga has been shown to calm the nervous system. Having the ability to take your mind away from your project can often help with something you might be stuck on! Taking a 180 from whatever you’re currently working on or thinking about, to get out of yourself and move your body can often have powerful results when you return to said project. 

3. It can allow us to see what’s important.

Often we can blow something out of proportion in our heads. If we take some time to tune out of our heads and into our body for even a short 15 or 30 minute class we are often able to have newfound clarity on whatever we’re working on.  That missed appointment, or task that didn’t go as planned, may not actually be the end of the world. Giving ourselves some space from whatever is going on allows us to bring a new clarity and calmness to the situation.