Local Yoga Studios We Love: Tuladhara Yoga in Lakewood, WA

What you need to know about this yoga studio:

Tuladhara is a yoga studio located in Lakewood, 5 minutes away from the Lakewood Towne Center. Hidden behind H&L Produce, you won’t have trouble getting a parking spot when you find this adorable studio. Offering 19 yoga classes a week, “Tula’s” yoga instructors have set scheduled classes, each of them offering their own unique style. You could even take a different style every day of the week (we checked!); Restore & Roll on Monday, Hatha Yoga on Tuesday, Yin Yoga on Wednesday, Happy Hour Fun Flow on Thursday, Mixed Levels Power Vinyasa on Friday, YinYang Fusion on Saturday, and Yoga Basics on Sunday! This studio is lightly heated so that whatever weather the Pacific Northwest may be offering that day, you’ll never to be hot or too cold. Tuladhara has two restrooms and one shower, two changing stalls, as well as mats and towels to use for free.

Why We Love This Yoga Studio:

We love that there is such a vast range of yoga class options at Tuladhara. From Yoga Basics, to a Mixed Levels Power Vinyasa and everything in between, every yoga practitioner can pick their favorite flavor and teacher to go along with it. They also do a great job bringing in lots of fun and interesting workshops. You can meet the owner, Alicia, as she is often checking people in, or chatting with yogis in the adorable boutique store at the front where you could easily spend all your money on the well-picked clothing and yoga accessories. They have a great new student special, 30 days for 39 dollars, and offer Beginner Series consistently. Even if you are a yogi who prefers vinyasa or hatha style yoga classes, we strongly recommend checking out Tuladhara’s Roll & Restore class. The use of Yoga Tune Up Balls to target myofascial release will blow you away.  It’s easy to see why this adorable studio attracts yoga students from not only Lakewood, but also Steilacoom and as far as Dupont. The vaulted ceiling with it’s gorgeous wood beams is instagram-worthy, you might find yourself sneaking in early to snap a few photos. Be sure to check them out on your yoga journey!

Tuladhara Yoga Studio Lakewood Washington