7 Reasons Why You Should Get to Yoga Class Early

Have you ever gotten to yoga class early and found a person snoozing on their mat in a pre-class savasana? We have. If that’s not you and you have you have a bit of anxiety about getting to class early and feeling uncomfortable, fear not, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a short list of 7 reasons why we actually recommend getting to your yoga class early:

  1. Your teacher wants to get to know you! Especially if it’s your first class, come early and introduce yourself. Let your teacher know what’s going on with your body, specifically any injuries or areas of pain.

  2. Check in. At Grow we will have a check in system, as well as a liability waiver for you to sign. Giving yourself some extra time means you won’t be rushed, or waiting in line behind other yoga students.

  3. Setup your mat, and possibly water bottle and towel. Find a good space to setup that feels good for you. If you’re new we recommend setting up in the middle of the room, that way you can look around throughout class to follow along.  

  4. Use the bathroom beforehand. Most classes are an hour, sometimes more, so unless you’re looking for a reason to leave, you don’t want to miss a minute!  

  5. Stretch or take some time to slow down before. We know that you’re going to a yoga class to get instruction on ways to move the body, but sometimes it can be nice to take some free movement by yourself. Maybe stretching the arms or legs, or rolling out the joints to start to get connected to how the body is feeling that day.  

  6. Take some time to sit quietly. Some people are put off by the “M” word (meditation!), so instead of having a goal or an expectation, just sit or lie down on your mat and turn your awareness inward. Focus on slowing down the breath, and releasing expectations of yourself or the class ahead.  

  7. Don’t be late! The best and final reason to come early is so that you don’t come late. Most teachers want to talk to each student before they begin class, and generally start class with some sort of introductory talk or breathing exercise. Coming in late disturbs everyone and will make you feel uncomfortable to. As Ricky Bobby would say, “If you’re not first, you’re last!”

7 Reasons Why Yoga Class Early