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How can I practice Yoga If I don’t have enough space to lay out a mat?

Part of what our goal is here at Grow Mobile Yoga is to eliminate the barriers that are stopping you from starting or following through with a yoga practice. What we’ve found is that you don’t need 2 hours and incense and a calm space to practice yoga. Sometimes putting too much pressure on having the perfect practice can turn us away from the simplicity of the practice.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Get to Yoga Class Early

Have you ever gotten to yoga class early and found a person snoozing on their mat in a pre-class savasana? We have. If that’s not you and you have you have a bit of anxiety about getting to class early and feeling uncomfortable, fear not, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a short list of 7 reasons why we actually recommend getting to your yoga class early

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