How can I practice Yoga If I don’t have enough space to lay out a mat?

Part of what our goal is here at Grow Mobile Yoga is to eliminate the barriers that are stopping you from starting or following through with a yoga practice. What we’ve found is that you don’t need 2 hours and incense and a calm space to practice yoga. Sometimes putting too much pressure on having the perfect practice can turn us away from the simplicity of the practice. Our goal is to get you to move, twist and breathe, even if it’s just for 15 - 30 minutes. 

We wanted to let you know that you can practice yoga in a small space, probably even in the clothes you’re wearing to work! Our desk yoga, keeps you within the confines of your office area, and incorporates your desk and chair to help you with your twists and folds. We are able to take you through poses that stretch the wrists, forearms and neck, twist the spine, as well as lengthen the side body and work into the legs and ankles. Desk yoga is a great option if space is limited. Even if you are at the same place that you work, you are still getting the benefits that you would from going to yoga. Finding a way to take just a bit of time out of your day will make it that much brighter!