What the CEOs are Saying about Onsite Mobile Yoga

This blog post is dedicated to the CEO’s that have already implemented yoga into their businesses. We’ll let them tell you why you should hire us:

Mark Bertolini, former CEO of Aetna share this, “What we found was that if we actually invested in people, they actually got better, and health costs went down.” Bertolini believes that part of the success of the company was because he brought in yoga for his employees during their lunch breaks. CVS’s stock prices soared more than 600% under Bertolinis reign. (CNBC June 19, 2019)

Bill Ford, the executive chairman of Ford Motor Company offers yoga classes to his employees so they can remain, “calm, alert and productive.” (Detroit Free Press October 31, 2017

Stanton Krawer, CEO and chairman of Blue Chip Marketing World Wide says that, “Yoga allows me to carry both equanimity and enthusiasm through my days. Ultimately it has allowed me to be a more effective CEO by making me a happier, healthier and more mindful human being.” (Forbes March 25, 2011)

Ashley G. Anderson Jr. is Promega Corporation’s chief medical officer and she believes that by bringing yoga and meditation in that “You create a culture of wellness,” and that “If you create a culture in which vibrant physicality is an admired thing, you’ve achieved a lot. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce.” (Huffpost July 11, 2013)