How to Encourage Employee Participation for your Onsite Yoga Classes

We all know vegetables are good for us, but does that mean we eat kale for every meal? Not likely. Most people do believe that yoga would benefit them, yet they find some unknown, silly reason to not start a yoga practice. We’ve already removed one barrier by bringing yoga into their place of work, so here are some ways that we’ve found to help encourage participation in the yoga classes that your company brings in.

Share information:

Let them know what kind of class (Beginner, No Sweat, 30/45 minutes etc.) is offered and what they might need to bring to participate and be prepared (yoga mat, movable clothing).  

Spread the word: as many different ways as possible: Send out emails, make fliers, announce at meetings etc., we can help with all of these! Start sharing as soon as you know that you’re launching the program.

Have incentives for participating:

Buy a yoga mat or a cup of coffee for consistent participants! Run contest to see who participates the most and offer a fun reward.

Lead by example:

Participate yourself! Probably the hardest, but most important incentive is for you to participate. Your team will see the benefits of your yoga practice, and will want to join.